Foods that have been prepared so they can be consumed as is, without any additional cooking, are ready to eat foodsReady to eat foods can be refrigerated, shelf-stable, require minimal heating or are served hot.<o :p></o>

Perhaps not, this technology has been used since long time and generated so many businesses. But we have set our quality on top of the other products like ours, we have been working since 2.5 years and it already has been tasted to 25000 people and feedback is always positive and excellent. <o :p></o>

Freeze drying, a technology which dehydrate frozen foods in vacuum chamber under control freezing, control temperature & pressure so the moisture contains changes directly from a solid to a gaseous form without undergoing the middle state liquid to gaseous state via sublimation. In this technology the product retains its original size, shape, nutritional facts and hygiene value with a minimum of cell rupture.<o :p></o>

Great question! We need your support in spreading our social awareness to all over the world. You can support us by following us on social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google plus and following our website www.macwinsfood.com. You can buy our products at these retailers, and you can tell your local grocer to get in touch and stock our products! As we have set up our product at the last stage, now we are really looking for the right market to put our step ahead. Please Support us! Thank you.<o :p></o>

Thank you, but we are a privately held company. Anyway, you can contact us for bulk inquiries, or event food.<o :p></o>

We are always looking for project partners. Please contact us here for more info.<o :p></o>

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Yes. We only use fresh ingredients and never use genetically modified ingredients.

No, Organic product cost more and one cannot afford to have our organic product in house store. But our product is more than organic, 100% natural, and oil free. <o :p></o>

We love partnering with the community and supporting Macwins food, Surat area by making donations to local food pantries when possible.<o :p></o>

Factory space is around 3000Sq ft. in size<o :p></o>

We are not offering public tours right now in order to protect our carefully controlled growing environment.<o :p></o>

Every day we have a tremendous demand from around the world about bringing a farm to a new market.  We are busily working to develop additional farms. If you or your organization would like to help finance a farm and help speed up on our farm development process, please get in touch with us here.

We are exclusively focused on large-scale commercial factories so that we can help have a bigger impact on transforming readily to eat food around the world.<o :p></o>